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Before we get into how to travel for FREE, I started a new website for people that want to cruise by themselves and not have to pay the extra room charge the cruise lines tack on.  Just go to www.solocruisersgroup.com.

I just updated the E-Book on MAY 2018.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jim Marki, and I go by the nickname Panama Jim because I always wear my trademark panama hat while traveling. I just got back from my 126th cruise, so you might say that I have a little experience traveling. I travel the world about 8 months of the year and now that I live in Florida, I take about 20 cruises a year.  I don't pay for airline tickets, hotel rooms, cruises or rental cars.  How do I do this you might ask?  By tacking advantage of all the discounts offered by the cruise lines, airlines, hotels and car rental companies. Also by using credit card points, discounted gift cards, travel reward programs, certain websites, last minute deals, special discounts that very few people are aware of and many other little known travel secrets. There are many ways to get FREE or heavily discounted travel. The guide to FREE travel will show you how you can get FREE Airline tickets, Hotels, Cruises and Rental Cars. Of course its not as simple as flicking a switch and you get all of this for FREE, but when you combine all of the different methods together, you can get your trip for FREE.

Some of the benefits that you will get:

  1. FREE Airline tickets.  You can fly first class if you want.  You can also get FREE entrance to the Airline Lounges that usually offer FREE food, Drinks, Internet, Showers and more.
  2. FREE Hotels.  You can stay at some of the nicest hotels like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot, Radisson etc.  I usually stay in a suite and receive FREE meals internet etc for FREE.
  3. FREE Cruises.  You can cruise any cruise line any time on any cruise, using my different techniques.  I cruise with all of the major cruise lines.
  4. FREE Rental Cars.  I can use any of the major car rental company that I choose.

One of the other benefits that I have combined with my FREE travel method is by becoming a Travel Agent.  My method will show you how to become a Travel Agent without having to meet any minimum bookings.  I don't book any travel for customers, I'm my only customer, but I receive all of the benefits.

Some of the benefits of being a travel agent are:

  1. Getting FREE cruises.  I do get FREE cruises for taking training classes and taking FAM trips.  I only get to choose from the ones that are available, but they usually have a nice list to choose from.
  2. Getting a commission on cruise that you take or you book for other people.
  3. Get FREE upgrades just by showing my Travel Agent ID to Hotels.
  4. Access to information only available to Travel Agents.
  5. With one of the cruiselines I get all of these benefits on top of my commision and other Travel Agent Amenities under the program to include:


• 1 bottle of Sparkling wine

• 6 chocolate covered strawberries

• Personalized letter from Captain

• Priority tender tickets

• Meeting to discuss the benefits of the Cruise Reward program

• VIP party invitation

• Non-refundable $25.00 OBC per person (maximum $50 per stateroom)


If you don't want to be a travel agent and get all the benefits that I travel agents get, thats fine.  With my method you don't have to become a travel agent, it just ads so many more benefits. This guide is written for the average person that may only take one or two vacations a year.  It is a very easy to follow, step by step guide. No matter where you travel these days, everyone is paying a different price. If you are on an airline, in a hotel, on a cruise or rent a car, everyone is paying a different price.

                                                    The one with the most knowledge always pays the lowest price. 

There are two types of travelers, those that are educated travelers, and those that are not.  It is very expensive to be an uneducated traveler. My goal is to help as many people as I can to be able to go to those destinations that they thought they could only dream about.  With my method you will not only be able to go to those places that you would like, but to be able to do it for FREE. To learn more about the EBooks and products that I sell, just go to the bottom of this page and scroll through the products that I have for sale and click on the product name for a description of the EBook or product.

I would like to thank you for spending the time to come to my website.  I hope it will be helpful in getting your next vacation for FREE or at least to help you save some money.  Next time you are on a cruise look for the guy with the pony tail and panama hat and come up and say hello.






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